2012 Weegmüller Cuvée Fleur

​Elegant & Spritzy Medium Dry Pfalz Cuvée with Impossible Harmony

The name “Cuvée Fleur” honors the great grandmother of the Weegmüller sisters whose lively and elegant persona is symbolized by this fine wine. ​The different grape varietals used to make this wine (riesling, gewürztraminer, silvaner) are grown amongst each other in the sandy clay and weathered sandstone soil of the same vineyard tract until they are harvested by hand to give this cuvée a wonderfully matched fruit experience. A truly special and very refreshing wine. It is a very agreeable wine for most foods but try it especially with light roasted meats and seafood or pumpkin based dishes.

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  • Residual Sugar:11.40 g/L
  • Acidity:6.80 g/L
  • Serving Temp:46°F - 57°F
  • Cellaring Potential:At least 2017
  • A.P. NR:5 174 103 007 13
2012 Weegmüller Cuvée Fleur