2012 Mayschoss-Altenahr Frühburgunder Klassiker

Ultra Rare Ahr Pinot Madeleine with Deep Dark Fruit & Light Spice

Over the last couple millennia, grape varieties have been crossed and changed to create all the modern grape varietals, but frühburgunder has remained unchanged for over 2000 years and it stands alone. It is by far the oldest pinot and the others, pinot noir, pinot gris, and pinot blanc, share no ancestry with frühburgunder. It is a noble grape that is as rare as it is special. It comprises a mere 0.3% of German plantings with just 32 hectares total in the entire Ahr Valley. This frühburgunder (pinot madeleine) puts forth a profound abundance of fruit which is integrated beautifully with classic pinot spices and minerality. The careful use of oak maturation in large pre-used oak barrels skillfully builds the complexity of this fantastic find. It has a moderate sweetness for a dry wine and is a classic representative of the elegant frühburgunder varietal.

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  • Residual Sugar:5.00 g/L
  • Acidity:4.60 g/L
  • Serving Temp:60°F - 66°F
  • Cellaring Potential:Minimum 2020
  • A.P. NR:1 794 190 033 12
  • Gold Medal, Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland-Pfalz
2012 Mayschoss-Altenahr Frühburgunder Klassiker