2011 Staatliche Weinbau. Trier Treverer Riesling Trocken

Vibrant Mosel Riesling with Citrus, Fruit & Mineral Tones

This wine’s name, “Treverer” is based on the Roman name for the celtic tribe that controlled the present-day region of Trier, Germany on the Mosel, the Treveri. Trier was a city of enormous Roman and early Christian importance. During late Roman times it served as the seat of Roman emperors and was called Augusta Trevorum. Today, the French still use the Roman route name to refer to the city of Trier as “Treves.”

This is a very bright Mosel riesling with wonderful citrus tones. It is a clear medium lemon in appearance with clean, lemon flesh, pear and characteristic Mosel mineral and spice tones. This is one very light and refreshing riesling with brilliant acidity.

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  • Residual Sugar:6.00 g/L
  • Acidity:5.60 g/L
  • Serving Temp:46°F - 57°F
  • Cellaring Potential:Minimum until 2017
  • A.P. NR:3 561 107 021 12
  • Silver Medal, Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland-Pfalz
2011 Staatliche Weinbau. Trier Treverer Riesling Trocken