Sachsen Region

​Like the Saale-Unstrut (/zall-ǝ ūn-strūt/), Sachsen was in the soviet state of East Germany before being reunified at the end of the cold war. It was then that both joined the other eleven officially recognized wine growing regions in Germany (“anbaugebiete”/on-bou-gi-bēt-ǝ/) to make today’s total of thirteen. Sachsen sits on Germany’s far Eastern border with the Czech Republic around the town of Dresden on the river Elbe. It is Germany’s most Northeastern wine region making it a rather extreme wine region. The climate is slightly warmer than it’s closest neighbor, the Saale-Unstrut, making its wine slightly less acidic in comparison. Sachsen has a specialty varietal, goldriesling, that is only permitted to grow in Sachsen.