Qualitätswein (QbA)

Qualitätswein is Germany’s largest wine category by far. It accounts for approximately 66 - 75% of German wine produced most years. Qualitätswein is an abbreviation of its full name, qualitätswein bestimmter anbaugebiete (also abbreviated “QbA”). It is a wine of protected designation of origin which means it must come 100% from one of Germany’s thirteen officially recognized wine growing regions (“anbaugebiete”/on-bou-gi-bēt-ǝ/). Qualitätswein can only be made from grapes harvested with a minimum 50-72 degrees öchsle depending on the region and grape varietal. The finished wine must also earn a minimum one and a half quality points on a scale of five during regulatory quality taste testing. Once approved, the government will award an approval number (“amtliche prüfungsnummer” or “A.P.Nr.”) that must be printed on each label. Qualitätswein also has the official subclassification, riesling hochgewächs (/hōk-geh-vix/).